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On Campus Living and Learning Assessment

Residence Life provides a variety of housing options for approximately 10,000 undergraduates, graduates, and members of the Corps of Cadets each year; 7,500 of these students live in traditional residence halls and apartments and 2,500 in the Corps of Cadets. Residence Life wanted to explore how living on-campus contributed to students’ experience at Texas A&M University. These results will be used by Residence Life to make improvements to the on-campus learning experience. Spring 2017 was the second year that Student Life Studies had assisted Residence Life with this assessment project.

Residence Life   06/23/2017
Family Weekend

Family Weekend is a special time dedicated to Aggie parents and families. This annual weekend is organized by the Family Weekend Committee, comprised of eight student leaders and supported by the Office of New Student & Family Programs, in the Offices of the Dean of Student Life. This year Family Weekend was held April 7-9th 2017 and consisted of events and activities such as Aggie Ring Day, athletic events, awards ceremonies, receptions or Open Houses, and a Yell Practice. Additionally, there are events sponsored by academic colleges, university departments, and student organizations. The Family Weekend Committee and New Student & Family Programs wanted to gather feedback on this new event to assist in making improvements for future years; the summary report attached provides the results of the survey sent out to to families on a listserv and also through a link on the on the Family Weekend website.

Offices of the Dean of Student Life   06/22/2017
Facilities Customer Service - Spring 2017

The Recreation Center (Rec Center) wanted to gather some information from students relating to their satisfaction of the Rec Center facility spaces and equipment, and interactions with their staff. More specifically, the Rec Center staff wanted to measure the satisfaction level with facility spaces since the expansion/renovation project was completed, to learn where improvements to operations can be made to make students' experiences at the Rec Center more enjoyable. The attached report summarizes the results of the survey sent to students to assess their satisfaction with the aforementioned aspects of the Rec Center.

Recreational Sports   06/14/2017
MSC CAMAC Mi Casa es Su Casa 2016-2017

Since 2005, MSC CAMAC has featured the program Mi Casa Es Su Casa whose purpose is to develop
a support system for Hispanic students, especially freshmen and transfer students. It is an opportunity
for Hispanic students to interact with Hispanic professors as the latter prepare a home cooked meal in
their house. The 2016-2017 year dinners where hosted monthly from September through April, except
December, January and March. The MSC CAMAC leadership wanted to understand the student experiences with the program,
especially its effect on the participating students’ motivation to stay in college through graduation. A
survey was designed to collect this information and given to students after their participation in each
dinner; the assessment results are highlighted in the attached report.

Memorial Student Center   06/07/2017
Student Research Week (SRW) 2017

The Graduate and Professional Student Council (formerly the Graduate Student Council) created Student Research Week (SRW) as a one-day poster event in 1994. This year, the program celebrated its 20th annual research extravaganza March 27-30, 2017. Feedback was collected from the judges and participants who participated in SRW programs. This report covers the responses from both groups

Student Organization   05/26/2017
MSC Abbott Family Leadership Conference San Antonio and Houston Trips

The Memorial Student Center (MSC) Abbott Family Leadership Conference (AFLC) is a five day event which introduces sophomore and junior student delegates to former students of Texas A&M University and leaders in industry who share experiences of incorporating values and ethics into their professional and personal lives. MSC AFLC sponsors two separate conferences, one in San Antonio (January 25-29, 2017) and one in Houston (March 1-5, 2017). MSC AFLC also sponsors additional pre-conference events that include all delegates. Different students attend each trip. MSC AFLC addresses four “pillars” in their pre-conference events and at both conferences: ethics, importance of family, service, and values. In 2016, MSC AFLC determined as its learning outcome for all conference and pre-conference events that delegates will be able to recognize an ethical dilemma and apply rational decision-making in order to address it after participating in conference activities. Evaluations of each conference and surrounding pre-conference events also include assessing delegates’ awareness, knowledge and application of the four pillars as a result of the delegates’ participation. The summary report attached present the assessment results regarding the student experiences from both the San Antonio and Houston trips.

Memorial Student Center   05/26/2017
Student Conference on Latino Affairs (SCOLA) 2017

The Student Conference on Latino Affairs (SCOLA) provides an opportunity for students to discuss issues that impact the Latino community and provides a stimulating educational environment through a variety of speakers. The conference occurred on March 3-5 2017, and this year’s theme was ¡Con Ganas!: Building a Legacy. The goal of the conference was to explore how one can grow as an individual and a professional while maintaining and fostering one’s identity/culture. The attached summary report provide assessment results from a survey distributed to conference attendees near the end of the event.

Memorial Student Center   05/25/2017
Alcohol Education Workshop Outcomes

Health Promotion (HP), a unit within the Offices of the Dean of Student Life ,offers a variety of opportunities for students to focus on leading a healthy life while at Texas A&M University. Health Promotion regularly offers an Alcohol Education Workshop for students who violate campus alcohol policies. Health Promotions staff wanted to learn about how participants identify how they have made a behavior change, so this year’s assessment asked workshop participants 1) what they could have changed about their behaviors that would have changed the outcome of their incident based on what they learned, and 2) identify obstacles and barriers they may encounter in changing those outcomes. The assessment given at the end of the workshop provided the participants the opportunity to reflect on the purpose of the behaviors which led them to the workshop, behavioral changes that could have prevented the incident(s), and analysis of those obstacles and barriers that may have affected those planned changes. The attached summary report highlights the results of the assessment.

Offices of the Dean of Student Life   05/25/2017
Brand Awareness and Participation Survey

The Memorial Student Center (MSC) at Texas A&M University has been the student union on campus since 1951. It is a building, and a department in the Division of Student Affairs which provides students with academic, cultural awareness, arts programs, leadership development and services opportunities. The MSC Student Programs Office (SPO) wanted to conduct an assessment to learn what Texas A&M students, faculty and staff know and understand about the MSC, especially students’ understanding that the MSC is also a programming organization, not just a building. The MSC also wanted feedback regarding students’ use of the Flag Room within MSC, and their opinions about the Flag Room’s current food, drink and meeting usage policy. The attached summary report provides the results of that assessment.

Memorial Student Center   05/22/2017
Client Satisfaction Survey Student Legal Services 11/1/16 – 3/8/17

Student Legal Services, as an office within the Offices of the Dean of Student Life, provides advise and counsel to student regarding their legal rights and responsibilities. Student Legal Services provides to its clients a customer satisfaction survey after services have been provided. The attached summary reports provides the results from the satisfaction surveys distributed from November 1, 2016 to March 8, 2017.

Offices of the Dean of Student Life   05/09/2017
MSC Alumni Survey 2017

Summary of the 2017 survey of former students who were involved in MSC committees and leadership opportunities. Reports the impact of the MSC leadership experience after the students' graduated, specifically relating to the institution's undergraduate learning outcomes

Memorial Student Center   04/28/2017
Memorial Student Center Alumni Survey Spring 2017

The Memorial Student Center (MSC) has been the student union at Texas A&M University since 1951. In addition to being a building on campus, the MSC is also a department in the Division of Student Affairs providing students with academic, cultural awareness and arts programs. The MSC Student Programs Office provides leadership development opportunities for students involved in any of the 19 committees or various trips and service experiences.The MSC keeps track of many former students who were involved in MSC committees and leadership opportunities. The department leadership wanted to understand the impact of the MSC leadership experience after they graduate, specifically related to the institution’s undergraduate learning outcomes. The attached summary report provides the results of the assessment conducted in Spring 2017.

Memorial Student Center   04/28/2017
Housing Fair Volunteer Assessment- Off-Campus Student Services

Every spring Off-Campus Student Services (OCSS) in the Offices of the Dean of Student Life at Texas A&M University hosts the Housing Fair.The 2017 Housing Fair was held on February 15th from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the Memorial Student Center. In order to host this large-scale event, Housing Fair recruits staff and student volunteers. These volunteers assist with checking students and volunteers in, handing out resources, helping off campus properties load and unload their booth, and many other jobs. OCSS wanted to understand the experience of the volunteers who help run this event. This is the first time the volunteers have been assessed, and attached are the results of that assessment.

Offices of the Dean of Student Life   04/26/2017
Howdy Camp 2017 Counselor/Teamer/Co-Chair and Participant Surveys

Howdy Camp is an extended (three day), optional orientation camp for students who have previously attended another institution and are transferring to Texas A&M University for the spring semester. Sponsored by Aggie Transition Camps (ATC) this year's event was held January 7-8. The attached provides a summary of results of surveys sent to campers, counselors, teamers and co-chairs involved with Howdy Camp to assess their experience with the event.

Music Activities   04/14/2017
Southwestern Black Student Leadership Conference Activating the Vision: SBSLC 2017

In January 2017, the Southwestern Black Student Leadership Conference (SBSLC) held its 29th annual conference on the campus of Texas A&M University. As a student organization sponsored by Multicultural Services, the SBSLC staff developed surveys for the participants about their overall experience, organizations at the Career Fair, organizations at the Vendor Fair, participants at the Charles E. Williams II Advanced Leadership Institute (ALI), and advisors. The attached summary report provides the results of those assessments.

Multicultural Services   03/15/2017
Report Title Brief Description Sponsoring Department Summary Report Highlights Completed
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