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Graduating Senior Survey 17-18 Involvement

The Graduating Senior Survey was administered to students receiving a bachelor’s degree in the academic year 2017-2018. Several questions asked about leadership and involvement. The results indicate that, on average, graduating seniors held leadership position in one organization and were actively involved in 2.7 organizations while at Texas A&M. The results are disaggregated by gender, first generation status, and ethnic origin.

Student Life Studies   10/05/2018
Leadership Education for APIDA Development (LEAD) Conference Spring 2018

The Leadership Education for APIDA Development (LEAD) Conference intends strengthening the campus identity and development of Asian, Pacific Islander, Desi American (APIDA) students on campus. Facilitated by the Department of Multicultural Services and the Asian Presidents’ Council, the purpose of the conference is to support and advocate for the APIDA community. Student Learning outcomes identified for students attending the inaugural conference, on April 22 2018 were:
Students will...
• Identify current issues and needs of the APIDA community
• Learn how their personal values connect to leadership and social change
• Engage in networking with their peers to positively impact their communities
• Address the social and educational needs of the APIDA community
The attached report summarizes the results of the survey provided to the attendees at the end of the conference. Survey intended to measure conference attendees’ satisfaction with the conference as well as what they gained from attending.

Multicultural Services   07/24/2018
MSC FISH Freshman Outcomes Assessment - Spring 2018

MSC FISH is comprised of approximately 90 freshmen, 18 assistant directors (often sophomore leaders), and seven executive directors (often upper-class students). The structure of the organization includes four subcommittees, which is where most of the work for their programs happen. Each member has the opportunity to serve on one of the four subcommittees to plan and implement a variety of programs and projects. Additionally, MSC FISH has nine “schools” each lead by two assistant directors and includes 10 freshmen. The schools are the social aspect of the organization such as hanging out, planning gatherings, and going on road trips.

Student Life Studies has worked with MSC FISH for 11 years to assess the experience of its members. The MSC FISH leadership team developed learning outcomes in the fall of 2011 for each level of membership in the organization and this year’s assessment was focused on measuring the outcomes for the freshmen.

Memorial Student Center   06/19/2018
Southwestern Black Student Leadership Conference (SBSLC) 2018: A Legacy in Living Color

In January 2018, the Southwestern Black Student Leadership Conference (SBSLC) held its 30th annual conference on the campus of Texas A&M University. Program outcomes for this year's SBSLC included giving participants the opportunity to participate in workshops that will educate them on issues of leadership, community, health, relationships, culture, race and ethnicity. Participants would also be able to connect with with corporations and graduate schools in efforts to gain admissions into graduate programs or obtain internship and employment opportunities. SBSLC staff developed surveys to evaluate participants' and their advisers' experiences with the Career Fair, Advanced Leadership Institute (ALI), the overall conference, and events specifically developed for advisers. Individual workshop surveys were also developed, however the results of those surveys are not included in the attached report which highlights the results of the participants evaluations of the overall conference, career fair, ALI and adviser experience.

Multicultural Services   06/07/2018
Gilbert Leadership Conference 2017 Participant Evaluation

The Gilbert Leadership Conference (GLC) is a committee of the Student Government Association (SGA).founded in 2006 as a legacy of David Gilbert, the conference namesake, and selects freshmen delegates to participate to learn about the Texas A&M values and conference pillars.. Starting in early October and for the seven weeks leading up to the conference, delegates learn about character, service, and involvement and how to incorporate these values into their lives during the first semester on campus. The experience culminates with a four-day conference, held in November 9-12, 2017 in Dallas, TX. While at the conference, delegates listen to various speakers, participate in a service project, and interact with the Gilbert family. The attached report summarizes results of the pre-conference and conference evaluations delegates complete.

Student Organization   06/05/2018
MaroonLink Student Engagement Support Grant 2017-2018

The Department of Student Activities was awarded a DSA College Completion Grant which funded the MaroonLink Student Engagement Support Graduate Assistant to support and market MaroonLink to students, student organizations, DSA departments and faculty. The assessment summary report attached highlights the Class of 2020 cohort's use of Maroonlink to record their connection, engagement and leadership from fall 2016 through the end of fall 2017.

Student Activities   04/05/2018
MSC Spencer Leadership Conference - Spring 2018

According to the organization’s website, ( MSC Spencer is a conference “that seeks to provide a unique opportunity to sophomores to enhance personal leadership skills in the pursuit of life long excellence in diverse environments.” The conference focuses on leadership development through the exploration of three pillars: Self-Aware Leadership, Innovative Leadership, and Selfless Leadership.

Memorial Student Center   03/23/2018
The Big Event 2017 Community and Participant Surveys

The Big Event (TBE), committee of the Student Government Association (SGA) worked with Student Life Studies in 2017 to send out satisfaction surveys to both the Community members receiving the services of TBE and the student participants providing services on the day. The majority of both the community members and the participants were positive regarding their experience with TBE 2017.

Student Organization   03/13/2018
SERU 2017 Leadership and Involvement Topics

The Student Experience in the Research University (SERU), a national survey provided to all Texas A&M undergraduate students in spring 2017. Students were asked about their weekly activities, the tasks they perform in organizations, the importance of their experiences, and the gains they have made in their leadership skills.

Student Life Studies   01/03/2018
SERU 2017 Community Service Topics

The Student Experience in the Research University (SERU), a national survey provided to all Texas A&M undergraduate students in spring 2017. Students were asked about their time spent volunteering, the importance of participating in community service, reasons they participate, and reflection on their individual responsibility for service.

Student Life Studies   01/03/2018
MSC Fall Leadership Conference 2017

Assessment summary of the 65th annual MSC Fall Leadership Conference held August 22-24, 2017.

Memorial Student Center   10/19/2017
MSC CAMAC Mi Casa es Su Casa 2016-2017

Summary of results for Mi Casa es Su Casa student surveys for programs attended during the 2016-2017 academic year.

Memorial Student Center   08/31/2017
Student Leader Profile- 2010-2016

This study describes the demographic characteristics of student leaders (chief leader and treasurer) in recognized student organizations over a six year period. The demographic categories included sex, race/ethnicity, first generation status, classification, academic college, and average GPR. The analysis also provided the information by level or organization: Sponsored, Registered, and Affiliated.

Student Life Studies   07/25/2017
Global Leadership Initiatives- 2017

The Corps Global Leadership Initiatives Program is a partnership between the Corps of Cadets, the Department of International Studies, the Study Abroad Programs Office, and the Confucius Institute. Each year, cadets apply for one of the three international trips. Each year, different countries are selected, and once students are chosen, they attend orientation meetings to prepare for their experience prior to the actual trip in May. In 2017 three different trips were planned: China, Panama & Costa Rica, and South Africa. While in each country, students meet with various military personnel and diplomats to learn about the country and the relationship that country has with the United States. The trips utilize the DIME-R framework and focus on topics of diplomacy, information (media), military, economics, and religious/culture. Cadets also have time built into the schedule to explore the country to experience the culture, eat the food, and go to various museums or historical sites. The attached summarizes the assessments given to provide the Corps of Cadets a better understanding of the cadets' experiences during the program.

Corps of Cadets   06/27/2017
Memorial Student Center Alumni Survey Spring 2017

The Memorial Student Center (MSC) has been the student union at Texas A&M University since 1951. In addition to being a building on campus, the MSC is also a department in the Division of Student Affairs providing students with academic, cultural awareness and arts programs. The MSC Student Programs Office provides leadership development opportunities for students involved in any of the 19 committees or various trips and service experiences.The MSC keeps track of many former students who were involved in MSC committees and leadership opportunities. The department leadership wanted to understand the impact of the MSC leadership experience after they graduate, specifically related to the institution’s undergraduate learning outcomes. The attached summary report provides the results of the assessment conducted in Spring 2017.

Memorial Student Center   04/28/2017
Report Title Brief Description Sponsoring Department Summary Report Highlights Completed
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