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Fish Camp 2018 Participant Evaluation

According to its website (, Fish Camp “welcomes the freshmen class to Texas A&M each year with the purpose of giving them an opportunity to have fun, make friends, and learn more about life at Texas A&M.” Furthermore, Fish Camp “is led by A&M students who are passionate about making the first year of college a success for freshmen!” Fish Camp, a four-day extended orientation camp through Texas A&M University, provides a transition from high school to college for about 6,500 incoming freshmen, out of the approximately 11,000 students in the freshman class. Freshmen attend various programs to learn about campus life, Aggie traditions, and a variety of services and resources to help students succeed. Additionally, freshmen are divided into smaller Discussion Groups (DGs) to meet other students and have the opportunity to ask questions in a smaller environment.

This year, the seven sessions ran from July 27th through August 17th, 2018. Fish Camp has partnered with Student Life Studies to assess participants’ camp experience since 2000.

Student Activities   11/06/2018
Venture: Base Camp 2018

According to its website (, Venture: Base Camp is the “premiere outdoor extended orientation experience set to take place both on the Texas A&M main campus and in the Texas Hill Country. Base Camp is sure to provide you with many fun and exciting activities, including camping, hiking, canoeing, rock climbing, team building activities, and so much more.” Venture: Base Camp is a collaborative effort between Extended Orientation in the Department of Student Activities and Outdoor Adventures in the Department of Recreational Sports for admitted entering freshmen or transfer students starting in the fall semester. This was the fourth year of the program and Student Activities and Rec Sports working with Student Life Studies to assess the effectiveness of the camp experience.

Student Activities   10/29/2018
Former Foster & Adopted Aggies - Fall 2018 Assessment

Student Assistance Services wanted to conduct a needs assessment with the students in the former foster and adopted Aggies program to better understand how to serve them and assist them in being successful at Texas A&M. This was the first time this assessment has been conducted.

Offices of the Dean of Student Life   10/29/2018
FACTION Living Learning Community

The Department of Residence Life developed FACTION, Freshmen in Action in fall 2018. FACTION is a Living Learning Community for freshmen at Texas A&M. Programs and activities are focused on the following topics, which connects to the name of the community: Academics, Community, Transition, Identity, vOcation, Nexus. Residence Life wanted to learn more about the students’ in this new learning community, the experiences they bring with them to college, and how their first couple of weeks went.

Residence Life   10/18/2018
Student Experience in the Research University (SERU) 2017: Political Views

The Student Experience in the Research University (SERU), a national survey provided to all Texas A&M undergraduate students in spring 2017. Students were asked a series of questions about their political beliefs, experiences, and interactions with others who might have different political views.

Student Life Studies   10/05/2018
Graduating Senior Survey 17-18 Involvement

The Graduating Senior Survey was administered to students receiving a bachelor’s degree in the academic year 2017-2018. Several questions asked about leadership and involvement. The results indicate that, on average, graduating seniors held leadership position in one organization and were actively involved in 2.7 organizations while at Texas A&M. The results are disaggregated by gender, first generation status, and ethnic origin.

Student Life Studies   10/05/2018
Customer Service Surveys for Student Life Studies

Student Life Studies wanted to assess the clients who utilized the department’s services to understand their satisfaction and how they use assessment results in making program improvements. Student Life Studies has conducted various forms of a client assessment since 2005.

Student Life Studies   10/02/2018
Division of Student Affairs Needs Assessment - Spring 2018

Student Life Studies provides training and educational workshops on a variety of assessment topics for staff members in the Division of Student Affairs. In order to meet the needs of staff members, Student Life Studies conducts a survey every three years to understand staff members’ experiences and needs related to assessment. Student Life Studies uses this information to develop training programs and resources for the Division of Student Affairs. This is the fourth year Student Life Studies has conducted this survey; the previous surveys were completed in the summers of 2009, 2012, and 2015.

Student Life Studies   09/20/2018
DSA New Staff Orientation 2017-2018

The DSA New Staff Orientation half-day workshops held during 2017-2018 were mandatory for new staff within the DSA to attend. Three workshops were held throughout the year, on September 15th January 26th and May 25th to ensure new staff could attend a workshop near to their start date within the Division. Topics included the history and culture of Student Affairs at Texas A&M, current strategic initiatives, scope of services and resources available through the DSA ( Participants were also provided information regarding how to get involved in networking opportunities within and outside of the Division. At the end of the NSO participants receive surveys to provide feedback regarding their experience at the orientation. The attached report summarizes the results of those surveys.

Other   09/06/2018
Customer Satisfaction Survey 2017-2018

University Center & Special Events values high quality customer service and administers a customer satisfaction survey during the year to gather feedback from clients and understand their experiences. The department worked with Student Life Studies to assess customer satisfaction starting in 2009. However, the survey and process changed in the 2015-2016 academic year, with another revision to the assessment in 2017-2018. The attached report summarizes the results of the surveys taken during the year.

University Center & Special Events   09/05/2018
DSA Wellbeing and Appreciation Needs Assessment - Spring 2018

The Division of Student Affairs (DSA) Staff Wellbeing and Appreciation Committee worked with graduate students in the Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education (SAAHE) program in developing a survey to understand division staff’s current behavior in the areas of wellbeing and appreciation, as well as what they needed in these areas. Additionally, the SAAHE students worked with Student Life Studies for the administration and analysis of the survey. This is the first time a survey focused on these topics has been conducted with staff in the Division of Student Affairs and the first assessment for this division-level committee.

Other   08/27/2018
CLEAR Presentations Survey Fall 2017-Spring 2018

In 2018, within ODSL, the Health Promotion offices and the former office of CLEAR (Consensual Language, Education, Awareness and Relationships) merged under Health Promotions. With that merger, presentations offered through the office of CLEAR now fall under the guise of Interpersonal Violence Prevention Programs. In early fall 2017 the CLEAR staff contacted Student Life Studies to develop assessments that could measure presentation participants level of satisfaction with the various presentations and its facilitators. Per its website the Interpersonal Violence Prevention Programs presentations include In their Shoes, Love the Way You Lie, Consent 101, Sexual Violence, Healthy Relationships, Dating Violence, Man/Lady Box, Stalking, Sexual Harassment, and Overview. This is the first time that Health Promotions: Interpersonal Violence Prevention and Student Life Studies have worked together to assess the CLEAR presentations. The attached summary highlights the survey results from 25 presentations held during the 2017-2018 academic year.

Offices of the Dean of Student Life   08/27/2018
STAND Up Workshop Evaluation 2017-2018

The Step IN, STAND Up campaign on the Texas A&M University campus invites Aggies to Step In and Stand Up against sexual harassment and sexual violence. Per its website,, the campaign proclaims, “It is up to us – students, faculty, and staff – to step in as active participants to end sexual harassment and sexual violence in our community, and stand up to support the survivors of these behaviors. What harms even one of us harms us all.” As an educational component of the campaign, the STAND Up workshop “is designed to assist individuals in learning positive and helpful ways to have conversations with individuals who have been involved in a traumatic event.”
The Offices of the Dean of Student Life (ODSL) Health Promotion trains the STAND Up workshop facilitators and coordinates the workshops. In the fall of 2017, ODSL contacted Student Life Studies for the second time to help develop an assessment for the workshops, in effort to measure its learning outcomes and participant satisfaction with the presentations. Workshops held for primarily faculty and staff and those held for students were assessed. The attached report summarizes the results of those assessments.

Offices of the Dean of Student Life   08/22/2018
Parent/Guardian Evaluation Spring 2018

Yearly the Becky Gates Childrens Center surveys parents and guardians of the children who attend the center in effort to gauge the effectiveness of their services and the parent and guardian satisfaction level with the Center. The attached reports on the results of that survey for the 2017-2018 school year.

Becky Gates Children’s Center   08/14/2018
Leadership Education for APIDA Development (LEAD) Conference Spring 2018

The Leadership Education for APIDA Development (LEAD) Conference intends strengthening the campus identity and development of Asian, Pacific Islander, Desi American (APIDA) students on campus. Facilitated by the Department of Multicultural Services and the Asian Presidents’ Council, the purpose of the conference is to support and advocate for the APIDA community. Student Learning outcomes identified for students attending the inaugural conference, on April 22 2018 were:
Students will...
• Identify current issues and needs of the APIDA community
• Learn how their personal values connect to leadership and social change
• Engage in networking with their peers to positively impact their communities
• Address the social and educational needs of the APIDA community
The attached report summarizes the results of the survey provided to the attendees at the end of the conference. Survey intended to measure conference attendees’ satisfaction with the conference as well as what they gained from attending.

Multicultural Services   07/24/2018
Report Title Brief Description Sponsoring Department Summary Report Highlights Completed
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