What is Your Story?

We’ve been talking a lot lately in the Division of Student Affairs about “Telling Our Story.” That’s a good thing, because some people have said it’s the best kept secret on campus. Assessment can really help you tell your story. Obviously, you should be doing assessment so you know how well you do and how you can improve. But, you can use some of that data to also share your successes with your stakeholders.

First, you need to identify who your stakeholders are. They could be students, staff, faculty, parents, donors, community members….the list goes on. Only after you know who they are can you really determine what story to tell. Each of them might want a slightly different story, just like some people like mysteries or science fiction, while others prefer biographies and romance.

What do you want you stakeholders to know or do? You might want them to know you heard their voices. You might want them to know you have made changes based on assessment. You might share results of interest. But, maybe you want your stakeholders to do something. You might want them to share the information with others. You might want them provide funding for particular programs. Regardless, you have the ability to write the story you want supported by accurate assessment results.

Before you start any assessment project, think about what story you want to tell. That will guide your data collection, analysis, and communication. Put those assessment results to good use to tell your important story!

If you need help with that, please contact Student Life Studies at (979) 862-5624 or sls@tamu.edu.

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