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Report Title Brief Description Sponsoring Department Summary Report Highlights Completed
Parent/Guardian Evaluation Spring 2018

Yearly the Becky Gates Childrens Center surveys parents and guardians of the children who attend the center in effort to gauge the effectiveness of their services and the parent and guardian satisfaction level with the Center. The attached reports on the results of that survey for the 2017-2018 school year.

Becky Gates Children’s Center   08/14/2018
Vet Camp Spring 2018

VRSC sponsors Vet Camp, an orientation specifically for veterans held in the fall and spring prior to the first day of classes which is designed to prepare new student veterans for academic success by identifying resources and networking connections. The attached report summarizes the results of assessments completed by participants during the Spring 2018 Vet Camp and one completed half way through the spring semester.

Veteran Resource & Support Center   07/13/2018
Customer Satisfaction Survey 2017-2018

University Center & Special Events values high quality customer service and administers a customer satisfaction survey during the year to gather feedback from clients and understand their experiences. The department worked with Student Life Studies to assess customer satisfaction starting in 2009. However, the survey and process changed in the 2015-2016 academic year, with another revision to the assessment in 2017-2018. The attached report summarizes the results of the surveys taken during the year.

University Center & Special Events   09/05/2018
Customer Satisfaction Survey-University Center & Special Events

University Center & Special Events (UCEN) provides facilities and event services to enhance the education, business, social, and cultural experiences of students, faculty, staff, and visitors, and includes under its auspices the management of the Memorial Student Center, Rudder Theater Complex, J. Earl Rudder Tower, John J. Koldus Building, All Faiths Chapel, Albritton Bell Tower and the University Guest Center Suites. University Center & Special Events values high quality customer service and administers a customer satisfaction survey throughout the year to gather feedback from clients to understand their experiences. The attached report summarizes the results of those evaluations for the 2015-2016 academic year.

University Center & Special Events   07/12/2016
University Art Galleries Marketing Focus Groups

University Art Galleries within the Division of Student Affairs, include the Stark Galleries and Forsyth Galleries locate within the Memorial Student Center on the Texas A&M University campus. February 2016, University Art Galleries contacted Student Life Studies to assist in assessing the Texas A&M University (TAMU) student community’s perceptions of the University Art Galleries’ programs, exhibitions and special events and get student input on marketing. The attached report summarizes the assessment results from a series of focus groups which comprised of student participants.

University Art Galleries   08/26/2016
MSC FLI Costa Rica Service Learning Trip

Trip participants were provided a pre-trip assessment, trip assessment, and post-trip assessment at different points during the experience in order to gauge how well the outcomes were met and the overall impact of this experience.

Memorial Student Center   06/02/2018
Assessment Training Series - 2016-2017

To assess the session participants to understand the effectiveness of the workshops and the intended learning outcomes for each workshop. For the 2016-2017 academic year, eight
workshops were held covering the following topics: using assessment tools; Qualtrics training (presented each semester); documenting student learning; practical statistics; sharing assessment results; using assessment results; and connecting plans.

Student Life Studies   08/02/2017
Student Leader Profile- 2010-2016

This study describes the demographic characteristics of student leaders (chief leader and treasurer) in recognized student organizations over a six year period. The demographic categories included sex, race/ethnicity, first generation status, classification, academic college, and average GPR. The analysis also provided the information by level or organization: Sponsored, Registered, and Affiliated.

Student Life Studies   07/25/2017
Four and a Half Year Graduation

This pilot study looked at reasons undergraduate students took four and a half years to graduate, including employment, student organization involvement, leadership positions, and academics. The academic topics included summer school, study abroad, registration, and tutoring

Student Life Studies 07/10/2017
Venture: Base Camp 2017 Participant Evaluation

There were two sessions of Venture: Base Camp over the summer. The first one, Alpha, took place on July 10 – 15, 2017 and Bravo, the second camp, was scheduled July 17 – 22, 2017. During this six-day camp, students went rock climbing, swimming, and canoeing; had discussion groups; learned about Aggie traditions; and took a campus tour/scavenger hunt. This was the third year of the program and the third time to work with Student Life Studies to assess the effectiveness of the camp experience.

Student Activities   10/23/2017
Start Smart Workshop Multi-year Assessment

The Women's Resource Center within the Offices of the Dean of Student Life (ODSL) in conjunction with the Career Center and The American Association of University Women at Texas A&M University offer Start Smart salary negotiation workshops to the Texas A&M University community. In the spring of 2017 the usefulness of the workshops to those who attended was assessed and included those workshops offered between 2013 through spring 2017.

Offices of the Dean of Student Life   07/11/2017
Campus-Wide Survey for University Police Department

The Texas A&M University Police Department (UPD) is required to survey “citizens” as a part of national accreditation requirements with International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA). UPD surveys the campus community on a regular basis to gather input from the community, identify and improve practices, and address attitudes that might contribute to tension and grievances. The process for gathering that information can be determined by the department.

Other   03/21/2018
MSC Diversity Survey Fall 2016

The Texas A&M Memorial Student Center (MSC) provides leadership development opportunities for students through its 16 programming committees and six resource areas. MSC leadership wanted to assess how MSC committee members and executive teams perceived the diversity initiatives toward creating an inclusive student union. The attached summary report provides the results of that assessment.

Memorial Student Center   02/01/2017
Career Closet Patron Satisfaction Student Government Association Spring 2016

The TAMU Career Closet, part of the Student Government Association, in the spring of 2016 began various business attire (dress shirts, ties, suits, skirts, etc.) available for rent by any Texas A&M University student for up to five business days. Their executive staff wanted to assess customer satisfaction with the services and products of the Career Closet, and a survey was developed that was given to students upon return of the clothes to the Career Closet. The attached report summarizes the results of those surveys.

Student Organization   07/15/2016
TAMU Career Closet Patron Satisfaction Survey Spring 2017

The Student Government Association sponsors the TAMU Career Closet, which provides various business attire available for rent to students for up to five business days. The assessment measures the satisfaction of student patrons of the TAMU Career Closet during the spirng of 2017.

Student Organization   07/11/2017
Report Title Brief Description Sponsoring Department Summary Report Highlights Completed
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