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Academic Peer Mentors Presentations

Academic Peer Mentors offer weekly topic-based presentations related to study skills and techniques; there are ten different presentations offered throughout the year. Academic Support Initiatives wanted to assess the effectiveness of these academic skill presentations offered by the APMs. The results will be used to ensure the identified learning outcomes for each presentation are being met and improve the presentations in the future. This is the first time Student Life Studies worked with Academic Support Initiatives to assess these academic presentations.

Residence Life   05/17/2018
Student Life Studies Customer Service Surveys 2016-2017

According to its website, Student Life Studies “provides leadership in assessment and planning to the Division of Student Affairs and to student organizations, maximizing program effectiveness and emphasizing student learning.” Furthermore, the vision of the department is to “create a culture in the Division of Student Affairs that values meaningful assessment, uses results to guide improvement, and articulates contributions to student success.” One goal for Student Life Studies is to provide quality assessment services to facilitate client planning and decision-making. Student Life Studies wanted to assess clients who utilized the department’s services to understand their satisfaction and use of assessment results in making program improvements. Student Life Studies has conducted various forms of a client assessment since 2005.

Student Life Studies   09/16/2017
Sex in the Dark Workshop 2017-2018

According to the Health Promotion website (, Sex in the Dark is a program hosted by the student organization The Sex Project. The Sex Project “strives to empower individuals to make informed decisions regarding sexual and reproductive health by providing awareness, education, and advocacy to the Texas A&M University student body and surrounding communities.” Sex in the Dark is a Q&A-style program that can be requested year-round by any student group. The attached report summarizes the program participants' learning and satisfaction with the workshops they attended within the 2017-2018 academic year.

Offices of the Dean of Student Life   06/25/2018
MSC Spencer Leadership Conference - Spring 2018

According to the organization’s website, ( MSC Spencer is a conference “that seeks to provide a unique opportunity to sophomores to enhance personal leadership skills in the pursuit of life long excellence in diverse environments.” The conference focuses on leadership development through the exploration of three pillars: Self-Aware Leadership, Innovative Leadership, and Selfless Leadership.

Memorial Student Center   03/23/2018
Aggie Allies Workshop Evaluation Spring 2016

Aggie Allies is an organization at Texas A&M University whose mission is to provide visible support to and a safe environment for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people in the Texas A&M community. The organization is composed of faculty, staff, students, and community members. In order to become an Ally, people must complete the three-hour educational Aggie Allies Workshop training session. The attached report summarizes the evaluations filled out by participants of the training sessions held during the spring semester of 2016.

Other   07/12/2016
Aggie Allies Workshop Evaluation Spring 2017

Aggregate summary report for the Aggie Allies Workshop Evaluations from the Spring 2017 time frame.

Other   03/13/2018
HP Program Presentation Evaluation 2016-2017

Aggregate summary report of the Health Promotion Presentation Evaluations given out at the end of 13 programs throughout the 2016-2017 academic year.

Offices of the Dean of Student Life   03/13/2018
AFAM and Aggie Familia End of Year Assessment - 2017-2018

As part of the DSA College Completion Grant, identity-conscious programs and mentoring opportunities were planned throughout the 2017-2018 academic year for these student populations. Programs included topics such as academic connections, money management, stress management, and finishing the semester strong. Through these events, AFAM and Aggie Familia students were able to connect with faculty, staff, and other students to establish and build a community with people, programs, and resources.

The grant planning committee worked with Student Life Studies to understand students’ experience over the 2017-2018 academic year. While several assessments have been conducted as part of the Aggie Familia/AFAM initiative, this was the first time for assessing the students’ overall experience at the end of the academic year.

Residence Life   06/19/2018
Assessment Boot Camp - 2017

Assess participants attending Assessment Boot Camp to understand the effectiveness of the training and determine if the identified learning outcomes were met.

Student Life Studies   07/31/2017
MSC Fall Leadership Conference 2017

Assessment summary of the 65th annual MSC Fall Leadership Conference held August 22-24, 2017.

Memorial Student Center   10/19/2017
Tutoring Services Assessment 2015-2016

Department of Multicultural Services (DMS) currently provides free, group and one on one tutoring to undergraduates at Texas A&M University. DMS wanted to assess the satisfaction of the tutored students with a variety of aspects of the Tutoring Program and whether coming to the tutors helped with the student's academic confidence. A survey was sent monthly to student who were tutored, and the attached report summarizes the results of their responses over the 2015-2016 academic year.

Multicultural Services   07/11/2016
Disability Services Faculty Survey - Spring 2018

Every couple of years, Disability Services gathers feedback from faculty members to understand how they can best work with faculty to serve students. Disability Services wanted to understand faculty’s training needs as it relates to serving students with disabilities and working with the Department of Disability Services. This is the third time Disability Services has conducted an assessment with faculty members, the last time being in 2016.

Disability Services   06/20/2018
Housing Fair 2016 Follow-up Survey, Off Campus Student Services (OCSS)

Every spring Off Campus Student Services (OCSS) in the Offices of the Dean of Student Life at Texas A&M University hosts the Housing Fair, which provides students an opportunity to interact with property managers/vendors, so they can make housing decisions for the summer and fall. The 2016 Housing Fair was held on February 18th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the MSC Bethancourt Ballroom. The attached report summarizes the results of this year’s survey sent to attendees later in the semester, intending to assess whether students who attended the fair used the resources offered to find housing for the upcoming summer and fall semesters.

Offices of the Dean of Student Life   07/05/2016
Housing Fair Volunteer Assessment- Off-Campus Student Services

Every spring Off-Campus Student Services (OCSS) in the Offices of the Dean of Student Life at Texas A&M University hosts the Housing Fair.The 2017 Housing Fair was held on February 15th from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the Memorial Student Center. In order to host this large-scale event, Housing Fair recruits staff and student volunteers. These volunteers assist with checking students and volunteers in, handing out resources, helping off campus properties load and unload their booth, and many other jobs. OCSS wanted to understand the experience of the volunteers who help run this event. This is the first time the volunteers have been assessed, and attached are the results of that assessment.

Offices of the Dean of Student Life   04/26/2017
Disability Services Student Survey - Spring 2018

Every three years, Disability Services assesses the students registered with the department to understand their experience with the department and the services provided. In the 2018 spring semester, Disability Services served 2,882 students, an increase of 64% compared to the students registered in 2015 when the last survey was administered. This is the fourth time Disability Services has worked with Student Life Studies to assess the students registered with their office.

Disability Services   06/20/2018
Report Title Brief Description Sponsoring Department Summary Report Highlights Completed
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