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Parent/Guardian Evaluation 2016-2017

The mission of the Becky Gates Children’s Center (BGCC) “…is to provide an exemplary, affordable, accessible early childhood education program for the children of students, staff, and faculty affiliated with Texas A&M University” ( ). The BGCC provides services to a diverse group of children and parents/guardians. Yearly, a parent/guardian evaluation survey is sent out in an effort to evaluate and continue to provide high quality services to children and parents/guardians. The survey was designed to assess both the overall quality of the center, parent/guardian perspectives of the inquiry-based curriculum and the individual classrooms at the BGCC. The attached report summarizes the results of the survey sent out in reference to the 2016-2017 school year.

Becky Gates Children’s Center   07/06/2017
Global Leadership Initiatives- 2017

The Corps Global Leadership Initiatives Program is a partnership between the Corps of Cadets, the Department of International Studies, the Study Abroad Programs Office, and the Confucius Institute. Each year, cadets apply for one of the three international trips. Each year, different countries are selected, and once students are chosen, they attend orientation meetings to prepare for their experience prior to the actual trip in May. In 2017 three different trips were planned: China, Panama & Costa Rica, and South Africa. While in each country, students meet with various military personnel and diplomats to learn about the country and the relationship that country has with the United States. The trips utilize the DIME-R framework and focus on topics of diplomacy, information (media), military, economics, and religious/culture. Cadets also have time built into the schedule to explore the country to experience the culture, eat the food, and go to various museums or historical sites. The attached summarizes the assessments given to provide the Corps of Cadets a better understanding of the cadets' experiences during the program.

Corps of Cadets   06/27/2017
Global Leadership Initiatives Program Spring 2016

The Global Leadership Initiatives Program focuses on developing a context of international awareness, regional expertise, and language competence among the cadets at Texas A&M University. The Corps Global Leadership Initiatives Program is a partnership between the Corps of Cadets, the Department of International Studies, the Study Abroad Programs Office, and the Confucius Institute. Each year, cadets apply for one of the international trips. This year there were three different trips planned: Mexico, Japan, and Israel. The Corps of Cadets wanted to understand the experiences of the cadets on these trips, and three different surveys were developed in effort to measure the cadets' experiences in each country. The attached report summarizes the results of those assessments.

Corps of Cadets   07/19/2016
Disability Services Faculty Survey - Spring 2018

Every couple of years, Disability Services gathers feedback from faculty members to understand how they can best work with faculty to serve students. Disability Services wanted to understand faculty’s training needs as it relates to serving students with disabilities and working with the Department of Disability Services. This is the third time Disability Services has conducted an assessment with faculty members, the last time being in 2016.

Disability Services   06/20/2018
Disability Services Student Survey - Spring 2018

Every three years, Disability Services assesses the students registered with the department to understand their experience with the department and the services provided. In the 2018 spring semester, Disability Services served 2,882 students, an increase of 64% compared to the students registered in 2015 when the last survey was administered. This is the fourth time Disability Services has worked with Student Life Studies to assess the students registered with their office.

Disability Services   06/20/2018
Customer Satisfaction Survey-DoIT Customer Support

The report details the results of a customer satisfaction survey sent to customers who contacted the help (service) desk of the Department of Information Technology within the Division of Student Affairs in the 2016-2017 academic year. Intent was to measure the satisfaction level of customers of the help desk regarding their interactions with both student techs who work the Service Desk, and full time, professional staff who assist with troubleshooting and problem solving of issues brought through the help (service) desk.

Information Technology   07/31/2017
Customer Satisfaction Survey- DoIT Customer Support Summer 2016

In July 2016, a survey was developed and delivered to assess DSA staff satisfaction with DoIT customer support, focusing on the areas of workstation, software and end user support. The survey results were intended to provide information regarding the customer satisfaction level which would be used to improve the customer service that the DoIT Service Desk provides to the staff within the Division of Student Affairs. The attached report summarizes the results of the survey..

Information Technology   05/08/2016
MSC CAMAC Mi Casa es Su Casa 2016-2017

Summary of results for Mi Casa es Su Casa student surveys for programs attended during the 2016-2017 academic year.

Memorial Student Center   08/31/2017
MSC Alumni Survey 2017

Summary of the 2017 survey of former students who were involved in MSC committees and leadership opportunities. Reports the impact of the MSC leadership experience after the students' graduated, specifically relating to the institution's undergraduate learning outcomes

Memorial Student Center   04/28/2017
MSC Fall Leadership Conference 2017

Assessment summary of the 65th annual MSC Fall Leadership Conference held August 22-24, 2017.

Memorial Student Center   10/19/2017
MSC Town Hall

MSC Town Hall wanted to survey the student body to determine what type of artists and entertainment would appeal to students. The is the sixth needs assessment type of survey that Student Life Studies has worked with MSC Town Hall on administering since 2011.

Memorial Student Center   12/19/2017
11th Annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast

The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Breakfast is an annual program sponsored by MSC WBAC. This program is a “formal way to reflect on the life, legacy, and accomplishments of Dr. King to make his legacy relevant for the university, its students, faculty, and administration.” This year’s event was scheduled on January 18, 2018 and hosted Kevin Powell as the speaker. This was the eleventh year of this annual program and the sixth year Student Life Studies worked with MSC WBAC for their program assessment.

Memorial Student Center   02/19/2018
MSC Spencer Leadership Conference - Spring 2018

According to the organization’s website, ( MSC Spencer is a conference “that seeks to provide a unique opportunity to sophomores to enhance personal leadership skills in the pursuit of life long excellence in diverse environments.” The conference focuses on leadership development through the exploration of three pillars: Self-Aware Leadership, Innovative Leadership, and Selfless Leadership.

Memorial Student Center   03/23/2018
MSC Aggie Cinema Survey Fall 2017

MSC Aggie Cinema surveyed attendees of its fall 2017 cinema events, asking about their satisfaction with the films and preferences regarding upcoming MSC Aggie Cinema events.

Memorial Student Center   03/13/2018
Mi Casa es Su Casa 2017-2018

Mi Casa es Su Casa, sponsored by MSC CAMAC, provides an opportunity for students to interact with faculty as the latter provides dinner in their home for the students. This report summarizes the assessment results from the student survey regarding their experiences at three dinners held throughout the 2017-2018 academic year. Generally very positive, the students' indicated they enjoyed the dinners, and the opportunities to connect with other students and professors at Texas A&M. And, because of this experience 98% agreed they were more likely to feel comfortable approaching Texas A&M faculty.

Memorial Student Center   04/02/2018
Report Title Brief Description Sponsoring Department Summary Report Highlights Completed
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