Five Questions…That’s All You Get

I’m fairly sure that we can agree that students (and staff) are over surveyed, particularly using electronic surveys. I think we can also agree that taking really long surveys is annoying, especially if the questions are not that interesting. On the other hand, part of building a culture of assessment involves collecting information from important [...]

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Reflections on the NASPA Assessment and Persistence Conference

In June, most of the Student Life Studies staff attended the NASPA Assessment and Persistence Conference where student affairs assessment professionals, institutional researchers, faculty, and administrators came together to talk about the pressing student success issues and what we know from assessment to address some of those issues. As I was reflecting back on what [...]

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What is Your Story?

We've been talking a lot lately in the Division of Student Affairs about "Telling Our Story." That's a good thing, because some people have said it's the best kept secret on campus. Assessment can really help you tell your story. Obviously, you should be doing assessment so you know how well you do and how [...]

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A New Year, A New Assessment Resolution

It’s that time, when people create resolutions to improve something in the new year. You might find it easy to set resolutions about eating right, exercising, stopping bad habits…but be lost about what you want to accomplish with your assessment. Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one, and there are a lot of staff who [...]

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Giving the Gift of Assessment

It’s that time of year when many of us share gifts and gather together as a community in celebration. What does that look like in student affairs assessment? By doing assessment, you are giving the gift of storytelling and improvement to those you serve (and will serve in the future). You also give yourself the [...]

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