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Assessment vs. Research: What’s the Difference?

You may have heard the terms “assessment” and “research” used interchangeably. Are they really the same thing? Does it matter? (And that doesn’t even include throwing “evaluation” into the mix!) There have even been recent debates among professionals about it. (http://www.presence.io/blog/assessment-and-research-are-different-things-and-thats-okay/, https://www.insidehighered.com/views/2016/11/21/how-assessment-falls-significantly-short-valid-research-essay, https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/abc.21273 ) In my opinion, assessment and research have a lot in common. [...]

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Is Assessment a Four Letter Word?

A few weeks ago, there was a thread on a couple of listservs about the use of the word “assessment,” which for some people has a negative connotation. Obviously, I like the word assessment, but I understand how some people may be scared or turned off by it. Listserv members offered up a variety of [...]

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We Are ALL Educators

Over a decade ago, Elizabeth Whitt wrote an article for About Campus (January-February, 2006), asking “Are ALL of Your Educators Educating?” I still think about that article today (hence, writing a blog about it in 2018). I agree with the opening statement: “Institutions that excel are filled with educators in the curriculum and the cocurriculum [...]

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Five Questions…That’s All You Get

I’m fairly sure that we can agree that students (and staff) are over surveyed, particularly using electronic surveys. I think we can also agree that taking really long surveys is annoying, especially if the questions are not that interesting. On the other hand, part of building a culture of assessment involves collecting information from important [...]

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Reflections on the NASPA Assessment and Persistence Conference

In June, most of the Student Life Studies staff attended the NASPA Assessment and Persistence Conference where student affairs assessment professionals, institutional researchers, faculty, and administrators came together to talk about the pressing student success issues and what we know from assessment to address some of those issues. As I was reflecting back on what [...]

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Preparing for the Fall

Summer is supposed to be slow, right? The more people I talk to, the more people say that summer seems to be almost as busy as the regular school year. That makes it even more important to plan and prepare for assessment when you have the opportunity before getting back into the busy-ness of the [...]

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Reflecting on the Year

It’s May. Time to reflect back on a (hopefully) successful academic year. When things start to quiet down, it’s a great time to reflect on your assessment before getting wrapped up in the planning for the next year. We have to set aside time for it, or else we get sucked into putting out the [...]

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April Fool’s Assessment

It’s April 1st. I admit, I’m not much for April Fool’s jokes, but that got me thinking about assessment failures (and potentially looking like an assessment fool). I thought it might put people at ease to hear about some of the mistakes I/we have made over the years. Fortunately, we are quick learners and only [...]

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What is Your Story?

We've been talking a lot lately in the Division of Student Affairs about "Telling Our Story." That's a good thing, because some people have said it's the best kept secret on campus. Assessment can really help you tell your story. Obviously, you should be doing assessment so you know how well you do and how [...]

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Assessment is about Relationships

February is known for Valentine’s Day and celebrating relationships. I hope that you will celebrate your relationship with assessment. Some of you are thinking, “I certainly don’t have a loving relationship with assessment. I’m not sending chocolate or even a greeting card.” Thinking beyond the nuts and bolts of assessment toward the end result of [...]

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