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Report Title
Student Worker Learning Outcomes Focus Groups
Sponsoring Department
Memorial Student Center
Brief Description
The Memorial Student Center (MSC) offices (Box Office, OPAS, Student Programs Office or SPO) developed student learning outcomes for their student employees for the 2015-2016 academic year focused on active listening as a component of the Texas A&M University learning outcome for undergraduates of demonstrating effective communication. During the MSC student employee retreat held in August, students were asked to identify major components of active listening (identified as pay attention, show you are listening, provide feedback, defer judgement and respond appropriately) and choose one on which to focus during the 2015-2016 academic year. Supervisors then met with their students throughout the year to gauge progress and ensure students were still focused on improving their chosen component. The MSC supervisors wanted to evaluate the student employees’ learning regarding this outcome and contacted Student Life Studies (SLS) to help create an assessment, and decided on a near end- of- term focus group, which would include approximately 50% of the MSC student employees. The attached report summarizes the findings of the MSC Focus Groups.
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