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Report Title Brief Description Sponsoring Department Summary Report Highlights Completed
Student Media Non-Editor Assessment

Student Media wanted to understand what students gained through their employment experience and worked with Student Life Studies to specifically assess the students who were not in an editor role.

Offices of the Dean of Student Life   06/02/2018
MSC FLI Costa Rica Service Learning Trip

Trip participants were provided a pre-trip assessment, trip assessment, and post-trip assessment at different points during the experience in order to gauge how well the outcomes were met and the overall impact of this experience.

Memorial Student Center   06/02/2018
SERU 2017 Leadership and Involvement Topics

The Student Experience in the Research University (SERU), a national survey provided to all Texas A&M undergraduate students in spring 2017. Students were asked about their weekly activities, the tasks they perform in organizations, the importance of their experiences, and the gains they have made in their leadership skills.

Student Life Studies   01/03/2018
SERU 2017 Community Service Topics

The Student Experience in the Research University (SERU), a national survey provided to all Texas A&M undergraduate students in spring 2017. Students were asked about their time spent volunteering, the importance of participating in community service, reasons they participate, and reflection on their individual responsibility for service.

Student Life Studies   01/03/2018
T-Camp Counselor/Teamer/Co-Chair and Participant Surveys 2017

T-Camp is an extended (three day), optional orientation camp for students who have previously attended another institution and are transferring to Texas A&M University for the fall semester. Participants travel to Trinity Pines in Trinity, Texas and stay in cabins. Two sessions of T- Camp were held; Session One was held on August 7-9, 2017 and Session Two was held on August 11-13, 2017. T-Camp is led by students currently attending Texas A&M and who have familiarity with transferring. The camp student staff is made up of directors, co-chairs, teamers, and counselors. Their goal is to help new transfer students establish relationships with fellow students and learn Texas A&M traditions. This report summarizes the results of assessments of both the camper and co-chair/counselor experience with T-Camp 2017.

Student Organization   12/21/2017
PAVE Team Lead and Peer Adviser Learning Outcomes Assessment 2016-2017

Peer Advisers for Veteran Education (PAVE) is a peer support program that connects incoming student veterans with student veterans already on campus in order to help them navigate college life. This summary report documents the assessment of learning of the 2016-2017 PAVE peer advisers and team leads from their participation in the program, specifically in the areas of interpersonal and written communication.

Veteran Resource & Support Center   09/13/2017
PAVE Team Lead and Peer Advisor Learning Outcomes Assessment 2016-2017

Peer Advisors for Veteran Education (PAVE) is a “peer support program that connects incoming student veterans with student veterans already on campus in order to help them navigate college life, identify challenges they are facing, refer them to appropriate resources on or off campus, and provide ongoing support to their academic and personal ventures.” The PAVE program originated as a collaboration between the University of Michigan Depression Center and the Department of Psychiatry, and the Student Veterans of America. The Texas A&M University Veterans Resource and Support Center (VRSC) started offering student veterans the PAVE program in 2014. In the 2016-2017 academic year, over 120 student veterans participated, linked to approximately 15 Peer Advisors who assisted these incoming student veterans. Additionally, Peer Advisors were assigned one of three Team Leads, who were responsible for the management, coordination and training of their assigned Peer Advisors.

In 2016 PAVE was designated as a Division of Student Affairs High Impact Practice (HIP) for the participating Peer Advisors and Team Leads. The VRSC contacted Student Life Studies to provide assistance in assessing the defined learning outcome and the reflection exercise for the Peer Advisors and Team Leads. Rubrics were developed to measure interpersonal and written communication skills, adapted from the Texas A&M University Division of Student Affairs Student Leader Learning Outcomes (SLLO) project interpersonal and written communication rubrics. The attached report summarizes the results of the assessment activities completed by the Peer Advisors and Team Leads.

Veteran Resource & Support Center   09/13/2017
On Campus Living and Learning Assessment

Residence Life provides a variety of housing options for approximately 10,000 undergraduates, graduates, and members of the Corps of Cadets each year; 7,500 of these students live in traditional residence halls and apartments and 2,500 in the Corps of Cadets. Residence Life wanted to explore how living on-campus contributed to students’ experience at Texas A&M University. These results will be used by Residence Life to make improvements to the on-campus learning experience. Spring 2017 was the second year that Student Life Studies had assisted Residence Life with this assessment project.

Residence Life   06/23/2017
Student Research Week (SRW) 2017

The Graduate and Professional Student Council (formerly the Graduate Student Council) created Student Research Week (SRW) as a one-day poster event in 1994. This year, the program celebrated its 20th annual research extravaganza March 27-30, 2017. Feedback was collected from the judges and participants who participated in SRW programs. This report covers the responses from both groups

Student Organization   05/26/2017
MSC Abbott Family Leadership Conference San Antonio and Houston Trips

The Memorial Student Center (MSC) Abbott Family Leadership Conference (AFLC) is a five day event which introduces sophomore and junior student delegates to former students of Texas A&M University and leaders in industry who share experiences of incorporating values and ethics into their professional and personal lives. MSC AFLC sponsors two separate conferences, one in San Antonio (January 25-29, 2017) and one in Houston (March 1-5, 2017). MSC AFLC also sponsors additional pre-conference events that include all delegates. Different students attend each trip. MSC AFLC addresses four “pillars” in their pre-conference events and at both conferences: ethics, importance of family, service, and values. In 2016, MSC AFLC determined as its learning outcome for all conference and pre-conference events that delegates will be able to recognize an ethical dilemma and apply rational decision-making in order to address it after participating in conference activities. Evaluations of each conference and surrounding pre-conference events also include assessing delegates’ awareness, knowledge and application of the four pillars as a result of the delegates’ participation. The summary report attached present the assessment results regarding the student experiences from both the San Antonio and Houston trips.

Memorial Student Center   05/26/2017
Memorial Student Center Alumni Survey Spring 2017

The Memorial Student Center (MSC) has been the student union at Texas A&M University since 1951. In addition to being a building on campus, the MSC is also a department in the Division of Student Affairs providing students with academic, cultural awareness and arts programs. The MSC Student Programs Office provides leadership development opportunities for students involved in any of the 19 committees or various trips and service experiences.The MSC keeps track of many former students who were involved in MSC committees and leadership opportunities. The department leadership wanted to understand the impact of the MSC leadership experience after they graduate, specifically related to the institution’s undergraduate learning outcomes. The attached summary report provides the results of the assessment conducted in Spring 2017.

Memorial Student Center   04/28/2017
Aggie Up! Noise Abatement Course Off-Campus Student Services January - August 2016

Off-Campus Student Services (OCSS) in the Offices of the Dean of Student Life created a three-hour class for off campus Texas A&M students who have been found in violation of College Station’s noise ordinances. The course was developed in conjunction with the police department, OCSS, Student Conduct Office in Student Life, the Texas A&M Student Government Association, and the municipal court. A College Station judge can assign the course as an option for first-time violators. Students pay to enroll in the class, and if they successfully complete it, the judge will reduce their sanction. The attached report summarizes the assessment of the participating student's experience with the course immediately following it and another follow-up survey sent approximately six weeks after students completed the course.

Offices of the Dean of Student Life   09/19/2016
LeaderShape® Catalyst™ 2015-2016

The LeaderShape® Catalyst™ is a one day student program offered each semester through the Leadership and Service Center(LSC) within the Department of Student Activities. LeaderShape® Catalyst™ was held at Texas A&M University October 10, 2015 and March 5, 2016. The attached report summarizes the results of a session feedback paper survey measuring satisfaction distributed near the end of each program by the LeaderShape® Catalyst™ facilitator. The Leadership and Service Center also want to assess the participants' progress towards achieving the learning outcomes LSC set forth for the program, so the report also includes the results of that assessment as well.

Student Activities   07/26/2016
MSC Officer Student Learning Outcome Spring 2016

The Memorial Student Center (MSC) provides leadership development opportunities for students through its 16 programming committees and six resource areas. Each includes student officers who bring higher levels of experience to lead the committees and resource areas. The MSC wanted to more fully understand the MSC officer student experience and measure their learning within their officer role as it relates to the Texas A&M undergraduate learning outcome of working collaboratively. The attached report summarizes the results of the analysis of the learning assessed as result of these MSC Officers experiences during the 2015-2016 academic year.

Memorial Student Center   07/26/2016
Global Leadership Initiatives Program Spring 2016

The Global Leadership Initiatives Program focuses on developing a context of international awareness, regional expertise, and language competence among the cadets at Texas A&M University. The Corps Global Leadership Initiatives Program is a partnership between the Corps of Cadets, the Department of International Studies, the Study Abroad Programs Office, and the Confucius Institute. Each year, cadets apply for one of the international trips. This year there were three different trips planned: Mexico, Japan, and Israel. The Corps of Cadets wanted to understand the experiences of the cadets on these trips, and three different surveys were developed in effort to measure the cadets' experiences in each country. The attached report summarizes the results of those assessments.

Corps of Cadets   07/19/2016
Report Title Brief Description Sponsoring Department Summary Report Highlights Completed
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