Assessment is about Relationships

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February is known for Valentine’s Day and celebrating relationships. I hope that you will celebrate your relationship with assessment. Some of you are thinking, “I certainly don’t have a loving relationship with assessment. I’m not sending chocolate or even a greeting card.” Thinking beyond the nuts and bolts of assessment toward the end result of [...]

A New Year, A New Assessment Resolution

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It’s that time, when people create resolutions to improve something in the new year. You might find it easy to set resolutions about eating right, exercising, stopping bad habits…but be lost about what you want to accomplish with your assessment. Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one, and there are a lot of staff who [...]

Giving the Gift of Assessment

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It’s that time of year when many of us share gifts and gather together as a community in celebration. What does that look like in student affairs assessment? By doing assessment, you are giving the gift of storytelling and improvement to those you serve (and will serve in the future). You also give yourself the [...]

Improve vs. Prove?

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I hear a lot of staff and graduate students talk about “proving” the worth of a program or “proving” student learning took place or having to “prove” that student affairs has value on a college campus. I appreciate the effort and sentiment behind the word, but I also caution folks about making claims they cannot [...]