Assessment reports.

Quality of Life Survey Fall 2016, Graduate and Professional Student Council

The report summarizes the results of the Quality of Life survey sent to graduate and professional students during the fall of 2016, sponsored by the Graduate and Professional Student Council (GPSC). The report includes results pertaining to three topics of the English Proficiency Exam, Vending Machine/Food Options on campus, Funding/General Issue. Report also highlights general [...]

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Customer Satisfaction Survey-DoIT Customer Support

The report details the results of a customer satisfaction survey sent to customers who contacted the help (service) desk of the Department of Information Technology within the Division of Student Affairs in the 2016-2017 academic year. Intent was to measure the satisfaction level of customers of the help desk regarding their interactions with both student [...]

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Student Leader Profile- 2010-2016

This study describes the demographic characteristics of student leaders (chief leader and treasurer) in recognized student organizations over a six year period. The demographic categories included sex, race/ethnicity, first generation status, classification, academic college, and average GPR. The analysis also provided the information by level or organization: Sponsored, Registered, and Affiliated.

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Four and a Half Year Graduation

This pilot study looked at reasons undergraduate students took four and a half years to graduate, including employment, student organization involvement, leadership positions, and academics. The academic topics included summer school, study abroad, registration, and tutoring

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Assessment Training Series – 2016-2017

To assess the session participants to understand the effectiveness of the workshops and the intended learning outcomes for each workshop. For the 2016-2017 academic year, eight workshops were held covering the following topics: using assessment tools; Qualtrics training (presented each semester); documenting student learning; practical statistics; sharing assessment results; using assessment results; and connecting plans.

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Spring Leadership Exchange – 2017

The purpose of the Spring Leadership Exchange is to allow Texas A&M students from the Qatar and College Station campuses to share diverse cultures, perspectives, and experiences with one another while learning together about leadership in a global society. The assessment was to determine the effectiveness in reaching this purpose.

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DoIT Example Report

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