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DSA Staff "noting" stuff

Staff "noting" during SLS sponsored "Assessing Student Learning"- part of the 2014 Assessment Educational Series

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Texas A&M is participating the Student Experience in the Research University Survey. All degree seeking undergraduate students are invited to participate. For more information see the SERU website.

Check out our Assessment Educational Series for 2014 - exciting stuff - we promise! #assessmentisfun!

See what Aggies are saying in the latest campus surveys.  Many of our survey results are available through this website.  You can also get now quick peak of our latest surveys on the main Student Affairs website!  

Aggies Say...

Because of their Division of Student Affairs student worker position, 86% of students agreed or strongly agreed that they were more able to work effectively with individuals with a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and cultures.


Aggies RISE: DSA Student Worker Learning Outcomes


Aggies Say...

After attending Fish Camp in the summer of 2013, 90% of the freshmen said their expectations were met. They made friends, learned traditions, and felt prepared for college life.


2013 Fish Camp Participant Survey



Aggies Say...In spring of 2013, 56% of student workers in the Division of Student Affairs had formal or informal conversations with their supervisor about connections between their job and their academics.


Aggies RISE: DSA Student Worker Learning Outcomes

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